April 19, 1997

Most of the time I don’t even think about The Flood. But, like water, every once in a while the memories seep in and fill the mind. Normally this happens at times that are totally unexpected, set off by a sound, or a smell. And, like the water, the memories surface, swirl around awhile, then float away. Those events of twenty years ago have been weighing heavily on my heart and mind for the last month or so, brought to the surface by the twentieth anniversary, and held there by all that has changed in my adopted home over the last two decades.

The Art of Witness

The act of witness doesn’t come easily. It takes a lot of work, a lot of patience, to serve as a witness. To observe. To not only look for those things that everyone sees in a new, a different way, but to have the courage and conviction to say it, or show it, or sing it, or to write it out loud. That’s hard. It takes a lifetime to learn. It has to start somewhere, and the Endowments can provide that starting point.

Loyal Opposition

(T)his budget is little more than an opening shot by a little man with a chisel who is trying to scratch away the name and the deeds of his predecessor and all of those loyal to him. Trying, one hieroglyphic bird, snake, foot, and feather at a time to eliminate the successes of the last administration, regardless of the harm being caused to the Nation.

A radio station to be missed

KFJM had records- vinyl- massive collections of records ranging from classical to jazz and blues, to country. Take a pick of genre and they probably had it. All catalogued. All waiting to be heard. As a new sound designer those resources were like catnip. And they came with an important, even bigger, resource- people. People who knew the craft of radio and the art of music. People ready to share that knowledge.

First blog post

For years I have posted "rants" on my Facebook page. They haven't so much been "classic rants" as much as longer format postings. Friends have been telling me for some time, "You really need to start a blog." Well, here goes...