We need a Christ-like nation. It looks like we won’t be getting one soon, but we desperately need one. We need a nation that recognizes the value and importance of every person regardless of their background and baggage. We need a nation that cares beyond dogma and shows compassion beyond ritual. We need a nation that understands that success isn’t marked in how much we raise ourselves up, but rather, how ready and willing we are to reach out to those with the least, those who need the most, and those on the side streets of our society. We need a nation that is truly ready to set aside weapons and reach out arms to all in need. We need a nation that can place brother and sister above self.

We don’t have that now. Instead, we have a President ready to take from our children to build more weapons, ready to cast those in most need aside to earn another dollar for the wealthiest in our country. We have a Congress ready to follow blindly, to place party over people and profit over patriotism.

This doesn’t just have to do with last week’s health care vote. It goes a lot deeper and much longer than that. It goes back to refusing Syrian refugees, men, women, and children who escaped the horrors of war in their homeland, and were vetted for around two years before being recommended admittance to the United States. It goes back to denying those earning the least an increased minimum wage that at least brings people closer to a living wage. It goes back to rewriting laws to make it easier to pollute and destroy the God’s greatest gift to us. It goes back to damning education and educators. It goes back to backing Wall Street while, through policy, laying waste to middle class earnings and savings. It goes back to the evangelical and religious right throwing their support behind a philandering, lying, man who cheated honest workers and vendors, and thumbed his nose at all that they believed. It goes back to demanding unbending allegiance in the perceived trappings of Christ while ignoring the core tenets of his teachings.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35